• Honesto Competitive Intelligence

    Honesto Competitive Intelligence (HCI) is a trademark of Honesto Media, active in the business consulting market since 2007.

    Honesto Competitive Intelligence provides consultancy, project management and training for any company that understands and values the intelligence, no matter the structure, size or business nature.

    In 2012 HCI introduced the “firm intelligence analyst” job in the Romania’s Occupation Code (COR), setting the standard for both public and private sector and being the first training providers in the field.

    Successfully using the “shamrock” organization type, the acquired knowledge and experience, we are able to find solutions for any kind of configuration: from local business firms, that can address the competitive environment proactively, to companies with global activities.



    Honesto Media provides internal culture development and its propagation in the external environment through the following set of values:

    Seriousness – the respect for truth and reality in any condition

    Morality – parameters reconfiguration relative to the reality and the customer interests

    Abnegation – devotion towards assumed obligations and customer interests

    Relationship – permanent and honest communication

    Tenacity – perseverance, patience and persistence in order to create added value